Slack Connection


This tool will post a configured message to the channel selected on your Slack account. You can post a simple, static message, or use merge fields and add dynamic information and build out a very detailed message. When this tool is executed, the PlusThis Slack app will join the configured channel and post that message and any subsequent message when the HTTP post is triggered.


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Slack Connection Configuration Options

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Tool Configuration

In this section, you will find the options for building your Slack Connection.


Select a Channel to send the message to

In the dropdown, select the Slack Channel you would like the message posted in.


Enter the title for your message.


Enter the message you want sent to your Slack channel. You can do just a simple, static message, or use merge fields and add dynamic information and build out a very detailed message. You can select merge fields to use in the dropdown to the right.

Additional Options

Here you will find two additional options for the info you can have pulled into your Slack Message.


Include the Contact details?

When turned on the contact id and email will be include in the Slack Message. This does not need to be on to use merge fields. 

Include the Tool Instance details?

When turned on the PlusThis Tool Instance ID and Name will be include in the Slack message. This is handy if you have multiple Slack Tools set-up to send to the same channel and you want to know which tool each message came from.

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Implementation Types


Run your tool virtually anywhere in your campaign using an HTTP post element.

This Tool should be triggered by an "HTTP Post" from Infusionsoft. This can be done using the Campaign Builder's "Send HTTP Post" option found on the left hand side of the sequence builder, under the "Process" section.
Decide where in your campaign you want to trigger this Tool. It can be part of virtually any Campaign Sequence.
In the Campaign Sequence, place a "Send HTTP Post" action where you want to run the Tool.
Use the Tool URL, provided above, in the "POST URL" field of the HTTP Post.
Leave the default "Name / Value Pairs" as is. There should be an entry that looks like this: contactId = ~Contact.Id~
Leave the Merge Fields as is. PlusThis gets all of the data necessary to run from the Contact Id Name / Value pair.
Mark the HTTP Post (and Sequence) as "Ready".
Publish your campaign changes and test! The "Send Test" button in Infusionsoft is not a good way to test PlusThis Tools. Instead, create a test contact record and push that record through the appropriate sequence.

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