DocuSign Connection


Connect your DocuSign and PlusThis accounts. This tool will allow you to automatically generate and send envelopes to your ActiveCampaign contact. Stay on top of the Document signing process and tag your contact accordingly. Once the documents have been signed you can save the tab values onto the contact record.


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DocuSign Connection Configuration Options

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Below, you will find the options for building your DocuSign Connection tool.


Select a Template

The first thing you need to do is select which Template you would like to configure. PlusThis can only configure one tool per template.

Required Contact Information

In order for PlusThis to generate an envelope containing the documents to be signed, we need to make sure we have several things in place. We need to know which Document Recipient Role we want to configure for, and the contact details (name and email).


Select the Recipient's Role

In DocuSign you can have one, or many, document recipient roles; however, PlusThis can only create automation for a single one. Using the selector, simply select which role we need to reference.

Contact Details

Select which fields contain the contact's first name, last name, and email address. PlusThis will use this information to correctly generate the envelope to be sent to the contact.

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Email Options

In your DocuSign account you can configure what the email subject and message should be when documents are sent to the recipients. You can also edit that information in the DocuSign Connection tool. You can also leverage merge fields and make the subject/message a little more personal. Simple leave this section blank to revert to the subject and body defined in template.

Field Mapping

The following section allows configuration for autofilling documents to be sent to contacts.


Autofill Support

DocuSign controls what can and cannot be dynamically added to a document before it is sent out. To keep things simple, at this time, PlusThis only allows autofill support for Text and Date tabs. Now, don't confuse Date Tabs with Date Signed Tabs. We can't autofill a sign date, but if you've configured text tab to be take a date value, we can work with that.

Simply select which fields you would like to use for autofilling the document. PlusThis will do the rest.

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Save Document Responses

A very powerful feature of this tool is the ability to save the document responses on the contact record once the document has been completed (signed). If you don't wish to save the response, then just leave the dropdown blank.

Recipient Event Status Tagging

Perhaps the most powerful part of the tool is the ability to add a tag to contacts throughout the document signing process. There are 5 events in which we can add a tag to the contacts.

1) When the document is sent.
2) When the document is delivered. DocuSign will fire this event if the recipient has opened the email and has looked at the document.
3) When the document has been completed.
4) When the recipient has declined to sign the document.
5) When you void the envelope

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