Set Field


Copy data between fields or set a fields to a static value.  


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Set Field Configuration Options

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In this section, you will find the options for building your Set Field tool. Follow along in your PlusThis app, or by viewing the numbered step in the screenshots.


Set a field by......

Select either "typing my own value" or "copying from another field" 
Typing my own value - On the left, enter the static value you would like to set the field to and on the right, select the field you would like to set.  
Copying from another field - On the left, select the field you would like to copy the value from. On the right, select the field you would like to set.  

Tool Name

Enter a name for your tool in this field. The name is solely for use inside of PlusThis, and will not be visible to customers. 

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"Need to Know" Items for Set Field

All date formats | YYYY-MM-DD

FAQs / Tips

Implementation Types


Run your tool virtually anywhere in your automation using a Webhook element.

Copy the Webhook URL from PlusThis.
Open the automation that you’d like to add the webhook to. The webhook can be placed virtually anywhere in your automation.
Click the Plus where you would like to add the webhook. Choose ‘Conditions and Workflow’ from the left hand menu. From there, choose Webhook from the list.
Paste the PlusThis Webhook in the pop up and click save.

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