Facebook Lead Triggers


Import leads from Facebook to your ActiveCampaign app and apply a tag to the contact.


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Getting Started with Facebook Lead Triggers

IMPORTANT. We highly recommend watching this video if it's the first time you've set up this tool. The video will shorten your learning curve significantly by showing you a quick example of how to implement the tool with ActiveCampaign.

Facebook Lead Triggers Configuration Options

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In this section, you will find the options for building your Facebook Lead Trigger tool. Follow along in your PlusThis app, or by viewing the numbered step in the screenshots.


Which Facebook Page would you like to work with? (You must be a page admin)

Select the Facebook Page you created your Lead Ad Form for. 

*Note* You must be a page admin on the page for this tool to work properly

Which Lead Ad Form would you like to integrate?

From the drop-down, select the Lead Ad Form from your Facebook Page. When the form is filled out the leads will be pulled into your ActiveCampaign app.  

Which tag should we apply to the contact record when a user completes the Lead Ad Form?

In the drop-down, select which tag you would like applied to the contact when they fill out the Lead Ad Form.  

Field Mapping

Expand the section to select the appropriate fields in your ActiveCampaign that you'd like the Facebook Lead Ad to send data to.  

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Tool Name

Enter a name for your tool in this field. The name is solely for use inside of PlusThis, and will not be visible to customers. 

"Need to Know" Items for Facebook Lead Triggers

Before creating this tool you will need to have created your Lead Ad Form inside of Facebook first.

FAQs / Tips

Implementation Types

Facebook Lead Triggers

Store and tag replies from Facebook Lead Ad submissions.

This tool does not require any implementation to run it. It will run automatically when a contact submits a Facebook Lead Ad in your Facebook marketing. Best practice is to use the tag you applied in the xx step of configuration to start automation after this tool has run.

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