Facebook Audience Triggers


Sync your CRM contacts to your Facebook Ads using Facebook Custom Audiences. Allowing for Facebook retargeting for your contacts.


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Getting Started with Facebook Audience Triggers

IMPORTANT. We highly recommend watching this video if it's the first time you've set up this tool. The video will shorten your learning curve significantly by showing you a quick example of how to implement the tool with Keap.

Facebook Audience Triggers Configuration Options

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In this section, you will find the options for building your Facebook Audience Trigger tool. Follow along in your PlusThis app, or by viewing the numbered step in the screenshots.


Which Facebook Ad Account would you like to work with?

Select the Facebook Ad account you would like to use in this tool. 

*Note* This Facebook Ad Account MUST be managed by a Facebook Business Manager account, and must have all the Custom Audience Terms of Service accepted. 

Which Facebook Audience(s) would you like to add the contact to?

Select which Facebook Audiences you would like the contact added to if you would like to add contacts to audiences.  

*Note* PlusThis can only update Facebook Audiences that were created via PlusThis. To ensure that this tool functions properly, only select audiences that were created via PlusThis.  

If you do not have a Facebook Audience created by PlusThis already, you can create one by clicking on the plus (+) symbol on the right-hand side of the audience selector.  

Which Facebook Audience(s) would you like to remove the contact from?

Select which Facebook Audiences you would like the contact removed from if you would like to remove contacts from audiences.  

Which data should we use to find your contact records on Facebook?

By default Email Address and Phone Number are pre-checked. PlusThis uses the information in these fields to find matches in Facebook and have them added/removed to/from the audiences. 

Which Phone field should we use to try to find a match?

By default, "Try All Standard Phone Fields" will be selected. If you have a specific Phone field you would like to use, select it in this drop-down.

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Tool Name

Enter a name for your tool in this field. The name is solely for use inside of PlusThis, and will not be visible to customers. 

"Need to Know" Items for Facebook Audience Triggers

PlusThis can only update Facebook Audiences that were created via PlusThis. All available Custom Audiences are displayed here, regardless of whether or not they were created in PlusThis. For this Tool to function properly, please only select audiences that were created via PlusThis.

FAQs / Tips

Implementation Types

Run This Tool Now

Run this tool immediately against certain tags, or the entire database. Useful for catching lists up to your ads, but not to be used for future contacts.

Use this option to initially sync your contacts with how you configured the Tool.
Choose whether you’d like to run the tool against the Entire Infusionsoft Database, or against particular tags, then click ‘Run Tool Now’

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Run your tool virtually anywhere in your campaign using an HTTP post element.

This Tool should be triggered by an "HTTP Post" from Infusionsoft. This can be done using the Campaign Builder's "Send HTTP Post" option found on the left hand side of the sequence builder, under the "Process" section.
Decide where in your campaign you want to trigger this Tool. It can be part of virtually any Campaign Sequence.
In the Campaign Sequence, place a "Send HTTP Post" action where you want to run the Tool.
Use the Tool URL, provided above, in the "POST URL" field of the HTTP Post.
Leave the default "Name / Value Pairs" as is. There should be an entry that looks like this: contactId = ~Contact.Id~
Leave the Merge Fields as is. PlusThis gets all of the data necessary to run from the Contact Id Name / Value pair.
Mark the HTTP Post (and Sequence) as "Ready".
Publish your campaign changes and test! The "Send Test" button in Infusionsoft is not a good way to test PlusThis Tools. Instead, create a test contact record and push that record through the appropriate sequence.

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