Zoom Webinar Connection


Register participants for your webinars automatically through your Infusionsoft and track who attended.


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Getting Started with Zoom Webinar Connection

IMPORTANT. We highly recommend watching this video if it's the first time you've set up this tool. The video will shorten your learning curve significantly by showing you a quick example of how to implement the tool with Infusionsoft/Keap.

Zoom Webinar Connection Configuration Options

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In this section, you will find the options for building your Zoom Webinar Connection tool. Follow along in your PlusThis app, or by viewing the numbered step in the screenshots.


Which Webinar?

In the drop-down, select the webinar you'd like to register contacts for. The webinar must already have been created and scheduled in Zoom, before configuring this tool.  

Send Webinar Reminders through Infusionsoft


Store the Webinar Join Link Here:

In the drop-down, select the field where you would like to store the unique Webinar Join Link for each registrant if you would like to send your reminders through Infusionsoft.  

If you do not have a field created already, you can create a field by clicking on the plus (+) symbol on the right-hand side of the field selector.

Apply This Tag After Successfully Completing Registration

If you choose to send your reminders through Infusionsoft, select a tag from this drop-down to have applied to the contact by PlusThis after successfully completing registration.  

Additional Options: Store the Webinar Title Here

In the drop-down, select the field where you would like to store the Webinar Title if you would like.  

Additional Options: Store the Webinar Start Date/Time Here

In the drop-down, select the field where you would like to store the Webinar Start Date/Time if you would like.  

Additional Options: Store the webinar start time in the webinar's timezone?

By default, this toggle will be set to "Yes". If you would not like to store the webinar start time in the webinar's timezone, and instead would like it stored in EST, switch the toggle to "no".

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Track Who Attended

PlusThis will get your attendee information 15 minutes after the scheduled end time of your webinar. Below are the options for configuring the tags that get applied at that time.


Apply This Tag to the Attendees:

In the drop-down, select the tag that you would like to be applied to the contacts who attend your webinar.

Apply This Tag to Non-Attendees:

In the drop-down, select the tag that you would like to be applied to the contacts who do not attend your webinar.

Additional Options: Store the Number of Minutes Attended Here

If you would like to store the number of minutes that someone attended the webinar for, select a field from the drop-down.  

Additional Options: Store the User's Join and Exit Times Here:

If you would like to store the join and exit times someone attended the webinar, select a field from the drop-down.  

Tool Name

Enter a name for your tool in this field. The name is solely for use inside of PlusThis, and will not be visible to customers. 

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"Need to Know" Items for Zoom Webinar Connection

After creating this Tool, if you reschedule this webinar in Zoom then you must remove this tool and start over for it to function properly. Deleting this tool will not remove those who previously registered. Existing registrants will remain registered for this webinar

This field map will be used in both directions. When PlusThis is used to register a record for the webinar, it will use the data (as mapped below) from your CRM to perform the webinar registration with Zoom.

When PlusThis pulls the attendance data for the webinar, the map will use the data (as mapped below) from Zoom to update/create contact records in your CRM. 

PlusThis will only map first name, last name, and email.

PlusThis lists all occurrences for each recurring webinar. Zoom’s API doesn’t allow PlusThis to differentiate between the different registration options for recurring webinars. If you select a recurring webinar that the attendees register once and can attend any of the occurrences, then PlusThis will automatically register your contact for all of the occurrences for that recurring webinar. Otherwise, they will only be registered for the webinar occurrence selected.

When PlusThis pulls attendee data for recurring webinars, Zoom’s API only provides attendee data for the most recently completed webinar occurrence. If recurring webinar occurrences are scheduled back to back, this limitation with Zoom’s API may cause attendee data from a more recent occurrence to be tagged with the Track Who Attended tags configured in this feature.

PlusThis depends on your webinar's scheduled start and end times. We recommend that you start your webinar no sooner than 30 minutes before its scheduled start time and end the webinar no later than 30 minutes after the scheduled end time. Also, PlusThis will attempt to push your attendee data to your CRM 15 minutes after your webinar's scheduled end time. If your webinar runs late (after the scheduled end time), PlusThis will check back every 15 minutes until your webinar is finished, before pushing data to your CRM.

Do not require additional registration fields, or PlusThis will not be able to register contacts. Zoom does not tell PlusThis which fields your registration requires. You may ask for additional registration fields as long as they are not required.

FAQs / Tips

Implementation Types


Run your tool virtually anywhere in your campaign using an HTTP post element.

This Tool should be triggered by an "HTTP Post" from Infusionsoft. This can be done using the Campaign Builder's "Send HTTP Post" option found on the left hand side of the sequence builder, under the "Process" section.
Decide where in your campaign you want to trigger this Tool. It can be part of virtually any Campaign Sequence.
In the Campaign Sequence, place a "Send HTTP Post" action where you want to run the Tool.
Use the Tool URL, provided above, in the "POST URL" field of the HTTP Post.
Leave the default "Name / Value Pairs" as is. There should be an entry that looks like this: contactId = ~Contact.Id~
Leave the Merge Fields as is. PlusThis gets all of the data necessary to run from the Contact Id Name / Value pair.
Mark the HTTP Post (and Sequence) as "Ready".
Publish your campaign changes and test! The "Send Test" button in Infusionsoft is not a good way to test PlusThis Tools. Instead, create a test contact record and push that record through the appropriate sequence.

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