Modern Forms


Modernize your CRM forms and make them mobile responsive.


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Modern Forms Configuration Options

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In this section, you will find the options for building your Modern Forms tool. Follow along in your PlusThis app, or by viewing the numbered step in the screenshots.


Which Form?

Select from the drop-down the form that you would like to style using Modern Forms.  
*Note* The form and Campaign will both need to be published for the form to show up in this drop-down.

Select a Style:

Select the style you would like to apply to your form. You can see an example of what each style will look like on your form on the preview below this. 

Additional Styling Options (Optional)


Label and Input Size:

Select from the drop-down what size you would like the labels to be. 

Show Placeholders

Select from the drop-down if you would like to show the placeholders.

Button Size

Select from the drop-down what size you would like the button. 

Button Placement

Select from the drop-down where you would like the button placed on the form.

Remove Outer Padding

By default, this box will not be checked. If you would like to remove the padding around the form, check this box. 

Custom CSS

If you would like to supply custom CSS to fine tune the style of the form, you can provide it here. Please note that the css you provide in this box will not be reflected in the preview below. 

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Tool Name

Enter a name for your tool in this field. The name is solely for use inside of PlusThis, and will not be visible to customers. 

"Need to Know" Items for Modern Forms

Landing Pages will display in the form selection drop-down, but only the form on the landing page is compatible with Modern Forms, the rest of the landing page will be stripped out.

Forms will only show up if both your webform and campaign are published.

Implementation Types

My Website

Embed a Modern Form on your page where you'd like the form to display.

Copy the Embed code under the 'My Website' tab from the ‘Usage & Instructions’ page.
Embed the code where you’d like the form to display on your website.

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Link your contacts to a hosted version of the form - no embed required.

You may hyperlink this anywhere - i.e. on a website, in an email, in a text - and have it lead to a hosted version of the form that doesn’t have to be embedded.

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